Wednesday, July 17, 2013


So... it's the 198th day of the year today. Weird that I know that? Yes, but that's beside the point.  The point is that out of the 198 days this year, I have blogged a total of six, count them SIX, times.  Embarrasing.  And I'm guessing (I'm not going to check but I'm sure I'm fairly accurate) that 1/2 of those posts involved something to the effect of me recognizing my failure as a blogger and recommitting (for the upteenth time) to be better.  So I'm going to spare you all that song and dance yet again and just simply state that I want to blog.  Plain and simple.  I want to remember this time of my life.  This doesn't mean that I am going to be good at it but I sure am going to try.  I've realized that my life is full of mess ups.  I get going really good at something for two weeks or so (obviously that trend has never happened with this blog), something happens that sets me back, and I'm back at square one.  But I'm grateful for that.  Not always.  Sometimes I forget that I'm grateful for the setbacks and I have a bit of a breakdown (sorry Preston).  But in hindsight, I learn so much from those obstacles.  Life is funny that way but it keeps it interesting.  Here's to being better!

And since no post is ever complete without pictures, here's some random ones that don't have much to do with anything I've said, but I love them all the same.

^^ We love this little dog way too much. ^^

^^ And to be honest, these pictures have a lot to do with what I've said, now that I think about it. For instance the hole in the wall behind my head and the fact that the image is blurry. ^^

^^wilting zucchini.  But I'll have you know that they are still producing and that's all I care about! ^^

 ^^What's left of our spinach.  Not my proudest gardening moment.  We let all of the plants die and didn't eat a single leaf.  That's what I get for thinking we could handle such a big garden when both of us are working full time.  Ya win some ya lose some. 

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  1. I love reading your blog Syd! My plants wilt like that in the day too, but they kind of perk back up in the evening. I love having a garden, but eating it is a whole different story. We had so much lettuce it could fill 3 wheel barrows...and we don't love salad THAT it is slowly dying.
    Oh and your dog, Millie, is adorable!

    Love your updates :)

    XOXO Tailor



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