Thursday, July 25, 2013

McDonald Family Reunion

We just got back from our first annual McDonald Family Reunion.  This reunion was for my Mom's family & her siblings and all of their kids.  We have always been super close with all of our cousins so it is always so fun to get together.  No matter how much times goes by, it's like we were never apart when we get back together. 

We have several river guides in the family so it only made sense to take a trip down the Payette River.  Talk about a blast!  We had so much fun!

My sweet Grandpa and I!  I hadn't seen him in several months and it was so nice to be able to see him again.  The reunion was a tribute to him and he absolutely loved it.

Me & my love. :)

Plenty of time to visit and catch up. :)

Every night of the reunion seemed to be a different birthday! The first night was Miss Claire Bear who turned 3, Papa John the next night, and then Uncle Brian the next! We had our fair share of cake and ice cream! :)

Love these cute little girls! :)

Part of the reunion consisted of a talent show/lip sync.  My immediate family was a bit nervous for this.  We didn't prepare until the night before but ended up having a blast!  The other families, however, were way ahead of the game and had costumes and the whole bit.  It was so much fun! I hope this is a tradition that sticks around for years to come. :)

Chad, being the only boy in the family, did Old McDonald had a farm.  His wife's name is Rauni....making her RAUNI MCDONALD! It was such a cute skit and had us all rolling with laughter.

Next up was Marlo's family.  She and her daughters have all been blessed with nice bums so they did their's to the "Bubble Butt" song.  Fit them perfectly!! Notice the balloons in their pants....haha!!

And Jill's family did a collaboration of songs, which was so cute! They are all so creative and talented - everybody loved it!!

My Mom and her siblings did their own little skit dedicated to my Grandpa of all the kids in their high school days.

Papa John with his great-grandkids! 

An afternoon at Eagle Island.

These pictures with Sarah make me so happy!  We have so much fun when we are together! Here we are practicing some moves we learned in our Ballet class together at BYU.

Wish we lived closer!! :(

Besties and cousins. :)

Jill's Burger Bar for Brian's birthday. :) 

Stephen and I showed up wearing identical outfits one afternoon. HAHA!

Love this family of mine! 

Papa John with all of his grandkids and great-grandkids.  The boys are just a little outnumbered....14-5. Haha

Riding the bat mobile! 

We finished the weekend off with a game of kick ball! SOOOOO MUCH FUN! Makes me want to start a kickball league! Haha

^^On the way home from the reunion we stopped in Snowville, UT for lunch (and some relief from our hot car) at Mollies.  It was so yummy!  They recommended anything with bacon to be delicious and they were right! I got the BLT and Preston got the double bacon cheese burger - both were amazing! I highly recommend it.

Thanks for the fun weekend, McDonald's!! Can't wait to do it again! :)


  1. so so fun to have such a big family!! looks like such a blast! i have a total of 5 cousins (thats both sides combined!) what fun! and... so you really did inspire me to blog- all those months ago. (i think it was a post you wrote on record keeping??) i havent really told anyone about it yet- but i am doing it again! so thank you!



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