Thursday, August 2, 2012

just the girls....oh and the two boys that came :)

This past weekend, Preston went backpacking up in the Boulder Mountains (hands down his favorite place on earth) with his Dad and one of his brothers. What could have turned out to be a very quiet weekend turned out to be just the opposite!

I spent some time with the Bishoff girls at my sister-in-law Brittany's baby shower in Mapleton. She will be having a sweet baby girl any day now! I'm bummed I don't have any pictures of the event. Her shower was sooo cute!

Then for the weekend my mom, sisters, nieces and....Corgan & Stephen came up to celebrate my sister Lindsey's birthday. We did some shopping at the City Creek Center in Salt Lake on Friday night while Linz & her cute hubby went to Wicked. I want to see it so bad!

On Saturday we celebrated Lindsey's birthday by going to Seven Peaks here in Provo. We had a blast! It was fun to see these two little buddies play together. Can you believe they are only four months apart?? Sweet Claire just celebrated her 2nd birthday. She is crawling and learning how to walk with her cute pink walker. It is the cutest thing ever! For those of you who don't know, Claire was born with a rare syndrome called Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome. Go here to learn more about it. It's a beautiful and informative website about kids just like her.

Being the only aunt that doesn't live in Moab has its perks sometimes. The little ones are always fighting over who gets to be with me. I have to admit, I kind of like it. :) The little girls (including Miss Emily) were glued to my side the whole time. I love it and it makes me sad they won't always be like that!

Here's Miss London after we went on the slide that looks like a half pipe. The kid running the slide asked me if she was 48" tall as we sat down in our tube, ready to go. I said yeah and then off we went. Turns out she is only barely 42" tall. haha! She loved it though, can't you tell??

Cute Corg. Right after I took this picture he toppled head first into the pool right there. 

Me and the cute birthday girl on her golden birthday!

Amber & her little man :) Soon there will be one more little man to snuggle!! 

The five girls. Seriously love them.

He was loving that cupcake! I thought he looked a little bit like the Joker...perhaps I'm a little too addicted to the whole batman thing right now. haha

We always have a blast when we get together and I always look forward to having family come and visit. So please, COME MORE!! :D

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