Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yes, its a miracle, I am updating the blog. Bet'cha thought that I had quit, huh? Well I pretty much have. Not by choice but its just the way it has to be for now. Blog posts will probably be few and far between for awhile. (For those of you who may actually be interested in what we are up to haha)

The reason for the lack of blogging is because I now work full time as a designer at the Gatehouse! I absolutely love my job! It really is my dream job and I am having an absolute blast! But man is it tiring working this many hours a week! My days consist of wake up, exercise(on occasion), go to work at 9am, get off around 7pm, come home, eat, sleep, repeat. I now know what its like to be an adult! haha.

Preston also is living the dream just a little bit. :) He is a snowboard instructor up at Sundance! He honestly can not think of a better way to make some extra money while going to school. He is absolutely loving it.

We are also busy trying to get everything ready for Christmas so maybe if you're real lucky we'll update you more on the fun things we've been up to lately. But don't hold your breath, I can't make any promises! :)


  1. Oh My Gosh Syd! You're working at the GATEHOUSE?!?!?!?! I absolutely love that store! That is the perfect job for you! I need to come and visit you soon!

  2. I read your blog! Congratulations on the job, that's great!

  3. dream job for sure. that is amazing and snowboard instructor?!?! AWESOME! We miss you guys! And seriously that picture of you two is AMAZING- totally christmas card worthy!



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