Monday, October 24, 2011

A piece of me.

Lately I have really been thinking about my life and why I am the way I am.  A lot of who I am today comes from having Emily as my little sister for the past 18 years of my life. I remember being very young when I first realized that my only little sister was not going to "be like everybody else". I hesitate to even use the phrase "be like everybody else" because I think what the world defines as "normal" and "acceptable" is distorted and wrong, but at a young age that was the phrase that came to my mind. I must have been only about seven or eight years old when I realized Emily had a disability. I remember being worried if she and I would ever be able to do things together like most sisters do. Would we hang out when we were teenagers? Do each others hair? Go shopping and help each other pick out clothes? Would we talk for hours on end late into the night? So many things went through my mind and I remember at that moment in my life being so worried what life would be like with her as my little sister.

But for those of you that know Emily and I, know that she and I have spent a lot of time together over the years. Thinking that we wouldn't be able to do sisterly things together was the silliest thing I ever could have imagined! We talk every single day, without fail. And if we happen to miss a day, which happens from time to time, you would think that her world would have ended. Isn't it hard to have her demanding so much of your time? What is she going to do once you get married? People have asked me those questions a few times and to be completely honest, no. Sometimes I'm busier than other times and can't talk for as long as she would like to but besides family, Emily doesn't have friends that call her and talk to her throughout the day. So when people question if it is hard for me to do each day, I can't help but feel my heart breaking for them. If we are only focusing on ourselves, we are missing out on doing so much good in the lives of others. For me, it's easy. Emily enjoys talking to me and I in turn enjoy talking to her and learn so much from her. She reminds me to find joy in simplicity. She teaches me to set goals and try hard to achieve the unimaginable. She encourages me to be outgoing with her confident, energetic and happy lifestyle. (If only I could be brave enough to bust a move in front of so many strangers at Five Guys or yell that loud at a BYU football game. haha) She has blessed my life in more ways than I can even begin to count.

And as for "what is she going to do once you get married?", that was a big adjustment for all of us. It definitely took some trial and error and adjusting. But lucky for me, I have THE BEST husband around. We just spent UEA weekend with Emily and he literally hung out with her more than I did. Every night while I was at work, they were playing - shopping, volleyball, cooking, you name it! He is honestly the best, hands down. I love him more than anything in this whole wide world!

Yes, at times having a sister like I do can be hard. But more often than not, it is so easy. She reminds me to be sensitive to the needs of others and not to judge others harshly. Emily has influenced so much of who I have become. One of my biggest desires is to have Emily bless other people's lives like she has blessed mine and my families. I am eternally grateful to my Heavenly Father for blessing me with Emily as my sister.


  1. This brought tears to my eyes! I loved it! You are such a sweet person Sydney and Emily is lucky to have you as a sister as well! It was meant to be!

  2. you and preston are such great examples to me.

  3. Syd, I absolutely love this post

  4. Love this, I hope Claire will have a sister/brother like you someday!

  5. emily is awesome. i haven't really ever spent much time with her, but spending the time to take her pictures was awesome. she is such a sweetheart!! ...and you are too. :)



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