Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Married Life

Sometimes I wonder when I am ever going to stop feeling like I am playing house everyday. Those of you who have been married for a while now and have outgrown the newlywed stage are probably going to gag your way through this post. ha ha! 
But I seriously love being married! I not only love getting to be with Preston as much as I want now (hallelujah for not having to say goodbye at night because of curfews!) but I love all of the the little things that come along with being married. 
 Here are a couple of pictures of our place. Mostly to show my family but you all get to see too! 
 Front room
 Bedroom. Notice how we use a dining chair for a nightstand? classy. 
Not only is it the greatest thing being married to your best friend, but I love everything that makes me feel like I am a grown up! I love all of the new responsibilities I have. Making meals for my hubby, doing laundry, going to work, cleaning, paying bills, etc. (I just found out my braintype - ISFJ or BEAL - look it up, it completely explains my bizarre personality! haha)
Yeah, I said paying bills. I never realized how much I really like dealing with money before I got married! Preston always thought I would be a big spender before we got married but it turns out that I am  the one that handles all of the money! I love it! I keep track of everything on these nerdy spreadsheets I created, and as goofy as it sounds, it has totally saved us! It has definitely a lot of trial and error but we are slowly getting all of the kinks worked out! I think that is one of the best parts of being newlyweds! You get to choose just exactly what works best for your individual family!
made with smiles :) 
But by far the best part of marriage is being able to be absolutely content in whatever you are doing or whatever situation you are in, as long as you have your companion by your side. Hence why I can be as happy as can be eating a bag of gold fish while Preston chooses to play games on his Ipad opposed to paying attention to me. :D Hehe I love you babe. 
 Special shout out to my Momma - this is the shirt from Target I was telling you about. It looks more like a dress but I would wear it as shirt with some cute leggings! :D
And P.S. : This is where I do my work everyday. Tough stuff,  huh? 

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  1. haha this is a funny post. my friend, the nerd. haha jk jk it's good that you like paying bills!!! i'm glad you're so happy!! married life definitely rocks and just wait until you add some kiddos to the mix. it makes everything feel more complete! love ya syd! :)



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