Wednesday, May 4, 2011


As I sit and write about the events of Preston and I's first road trip across the country, I am soaking up the sun by the pool at our apartment complex and just realized my swim cover-up is on inside out. Awkward. I'll just act cool and hope that no one notices. haha
Back to the point of this post. We had such a fun time driving from Utah to North Carolina together. As we talked to our families along the way we kept getting asked if we were tired of driving yet and each time we got that question we realized that we still weren't sick of driving! We loved being able to see so many new things together and just had an absolute blast! We were actually kind of sad once we got to Charlotte because it meant that our road trip that we had been anticipating for so long was now coming to an end. We're silly, I know.
We saw so many new things on our drive out! We had all sorts of weather through Colorado from sunshine, to snow, to sleet, to rain, to more sunshine.
We drove through the flat lands of Kansas, which I can't lie, was not very interesting to look at. (Sorry Jaynanne and Katie - I wasn't too impressed with your homeland! lol) It seemed like we kept passing the same exit over and over because every single one looked the same as the one before! We stayed in Hays, Kansas our first night in a fancy little Super 8. Come to find out that Hays is actually in the center of Tornado Alley (supposedly). Preston was thrilled to find that out. He kept hoping the whole way out that we would happen upon a tornado and be able to snap a picture of it. I kept hoping the exact opposite.
 We, unfortunately, did not get to experience prairie dog town. We arrive after they closed. :(
 Our reliable car that ran like a champ all the way! 
 Had to stop by the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas! (We opted not to pay $7 a piece to walk through the actual museum.) We did pay for the Tornado simulator, however. Also, not worth the price. lol Aren't you glad you have us to try out all the lame things for you so you don't have to waste your own money!!?!? haha
Me, in the Tornado simulator. Doesn't it look like fun??
When we made it to Kansas City, Missouri we didn't realize how close we were to Independence. Neither of us had ever been there before so we couldn't pass it up and ended up making a little detour to the visitor's center there. We also got to see the RLDS temple which was interesting to look at, to say the least.
 RLDS Temple
 LDS Visitor Center
Preston, the pioneer! :D ha ha
 From there we headed up to Liberty Jail. That was an incredible experience. I just took a class at BYU this last semester called Joseph Smith and the Restoration from Sister Susan Easton Black and learned all about Liberty Jail and the things that happened there so I was thrilled that we were able to go there. They have built a replica of the jail inside the visitor's center there and have used some of the very same rock that the original building was constructed with. They think that the bars on the windows are the very same ones that were in the original building. There was such a neat Spirit there.
I loved being able to recall all of the things I had learned about these events and then reflect on what it must have been like for the Prophet during his time there. Some of his most famous revelations in D&C were received there. 121, 122 and 123 I think. He is such an example to me of how we can turn a terrible situation into one that can change us for the better.
 Kansas City Temple
After our little detour, we still had nine hours before we made it to Nashville Tennessee, our destination fo the night, so we hit the road again. We drove through Missouri, Illinois, and a little bit of Kentucky before making it to Nashville. It was dark for most of our drive through those states but we did manage to hit St. Louis, Missouri at just the right time to see the magnificent arch. I'm definitely going to need to head back there someday to really get the full effect of that thing! 
 Lots of flooding in Illinois
 Quick glimpse of Kentucky! :D
We encountered lots and lots of rain that night before we finally made it to Nashville at the wee hours of the morning. We stayed in an Econo Lodge there and have vowed after only about ten minutes of being in our room that we would never stay an another Econo Lodge again! But hey, we were on a budget and the room was cheap! As I got into bed I noticed a slug crawling up the wall. GROSS! Then in the morning we found a black bug on the side of the bed. Absolutely disgusting. And not to mention the continental breakfast that was basically non-existent. Apparently at the Econo Lodge they think that toast, juice and coffe constitute as "hot breakfast". Well news flash Econo Lodge - you're wrong!! Needless to say, we didn't stay around the hotel any longer than we had to. 
 The little slug hanging out on our wall. 
We headed right over to the Grand Ol' Opry hotel to do a little tour there. What a beautiful place! We walked around all of the indoor gardens they have and I was simply in awe. One day when Preston and I have lots of money we are making sure that we stay there! haha 
After our little tour there we began the homestretch to Charlotte, North Carolina! I personally think this was the most beautiful part of the drive. It was so lush and green and beautiful. And the instant we crossed the North Carolina state line it seriously got even more beautiful! This state is seriously one of the prettiest ones I have seen! There are trees everywhere and everything is just pretty! When we made it to Charlotte, we stopped to have dinner at Outback Steakhouse. And can I just say that everyone is so welcoming and kind here! I can't believe it! Our waitress at Outback gave us ideas of things to do while we are here, gave me ideas of where to find a job and even gave us her info to add her on facebook! I couldn't believe it! And everyone here is like that - it's incredible! I think we are really going to enjoy ourselves this summer and really enjoy getting to spend a summer in such an incredible place. 
And here is Preston on his first day of work!!! He is such a cutie! He is selling security systems for Pinnacle Security. We are so excited for this little adventure in our lives! 


  1. how fun! Ben and I will be making an adventure like that in August... only not to North Carolina, but to Pennsylvania!

  2. How fun! Glad you guys got to take that trip!!

  3. Chad and I are just a little bit jealous.

  4. GREAT POST!!!!! U guys are too cute!!!! Loved all the pictures!



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