Friday, January 21, 2011

So Delectable.

If you haven't tried this place, you definitely should! So many times when I am driving down the road I pass some really cute places that I always want to stop at but never seem to have time.
Well....the other day I was out doing some errands and saw this lovely place all lit up and looking amazingly cute. So I stopped. And it did not disappoint! It brought me true happiness! When doesn't chocolate do that? 

They had the most beautiful desserts. I was particularly drawn to these lovely cupcakes. Don't they just make your mouth water looking at them??! I couldn't decide on just one so I took them up on their "special offer" of buying four that got me a cute little box and greeting card to take them home in. I had four different kinds but my favorite was definitely the German Chocolate. YUM! 

And don't think I pigged out on these all by myself. I'm not that selfish.I chose two flavors with my self in mind (of course) and two flavors with my hubby in mind! He loved them. And I really am not usually a huge cupcake fan but these babies were tasty. My favorite part is usually just the icing, but the cake part was even good on these. I was very pleased. 
And if I hadn't discovered this place all by myself, I would have hung out there for awhile. Isn't the setting so cute?? And those damask chairs, I LOVE THEM! Next time I will be returning with someone so I can relax and enjoy my cupcake. That way I won't feel so much like a loser. ha ha
So the next time you see a place that you think you should stop at, just do it! In my case, it definitely did not disappoint! And try this place out! You will experience a little bit of heaven too! 


  1. Lets go when i get up there! Find out where they got the chairs i want those for my future salon!!! luv ya!! I enjoy reading your blog

  2. Those cupcakes were really good.

  3. I pass by that place everyday on my way to work. Is it really that good?

  4. And by the way this is marion.



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