Saturday, January 22, 2011


I have sad news. We sold our trailer last week. I know, I know, I talked that thing up big time. We had so many plans of places it was going to go. It could have been a world traveler!
But....REALITY set in just a little bit and we realized that we could sell it and use that money for more important and responsible things. Ugh. You know, like school, rent and food?? I hate being an adult sometimes.
So out of respect for our little trailer, we spent one last night in it. We indulged in some tasty hot cocoa, cranked up our little portable heater as much as we could and tried our best to keep warm. Man was it cold that night! I think we made it until about 12:30 before we gave up and just went and slept inside in our nice warm bed. Obviously we didn't take the trailer anywhere fun and exciting for its last night. We camped right in our driveway. Luckily it was an easy escape to a much warmer place that way.
Our little trailer will be missed but we will always cherish that beauty and remember all of the fun camping memories that were made in it.
Okay, so we only camped in it two different times. One of those times being this particular night in our driveway. Regardless, we loved it and we were sad to see it go! Can't wait to see what our next camping machine will be!!
The quaint little inside. 
Sippin on some Cocoa
I hope the trailer's new owners love the trailer as much as we did! It will be missed but I am sure the new couple will love it even more than we did and take it on much bigger adventures. 

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