Sunday, November 14, 2010

These are a few of our favorite things....

The other night, Preston and I went up to Salt Lake to meet up with my parents for dinner. They had some business meetings up there and they invited us to come and have dinner at the Little America Hotel with them and some other people in the Furniture business. 

Just as we finished filling up with gas to head up there, Preston pulls the truck over and says something like "uh, I need to check the truck really quick." I didn't pay much attention and just kept looking through my newspapers in search of some good coupons. Well, a few seconds later he hops back in the truck and hands me this:

A sunflower! They are my absolute favorite. 
I couldn't believe it though! There were sunflowers still in bloom right along the roadside - in NOVEMBER! It's crazy! I think Mother Nature is a little confused on the seasons right now or something. 
Oh well! If nothing else, her confusion made me all sorts of happy! Preston has made it a little bit of a tradition to pull over and pick me a sunflower along the road when he sees them. He's a cutie!

After our AMAZING dinner at the Little America and the fun time we had with my parents, we came upon a Ferrari dealership. Even though they were closed, Preston just HAD to stop. Boys and cars. Its funny to me just how much they love them. And Ferraris are his absolute favorite. 
And here is the ENZO. Apparently they only have these in a select number of dealerships in the whole United States. He just couldn't believe they had one in Salt Lake! Pretty cool!

I promise, he was a lot more excited than he looks in this picture. 

Our night turned out to be a lot more exciting than we had planned. We left feeling fuller than we have in a long time. I guess we weren't used to having so much food around us and we definitely took advantage of the opportunity. Thanks Mom and Dad for inviting us! And thanks to my amazing hubby for always being so sweet!! :D 

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