Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Preston and I LOVE when we have company come and stay with us! It is so much fun! We have had lots of company already and we love it! 

A couple of weeks ago, my sister and her husband and their 3 cute kids came to stay with us! I always love when I get to see my nieces and nephews since I don't live right by them anymore. 

So on this particular visit, they happened to get their at 10ish at night and I thought for sure their kids would be out for the night. But boy was I wrong! They had slept the 3 hour drive to our house and they were full of energy once they got there! I was so happy! They are so much fun to be around! They wanted to watch a movie and since we don't have too many kid movies we ended up watching Transformers. London loved it! Maddy on the other hand had better things to do! 

Her Mom said she was a total girly-girl and I completely agree! All she wanted me to do was take her picture while she posed for me. Isn't she cute?? I just love her! 

 One of the many poses Maddy showed me that night. She was striking poses like crazy! I think she was trying to be like Megan Fox in the background.
London was stuck on TRANSFORMERS! She couldn't even peel her eyes away for me to take a picture! She looked so cute and snuggly all wrapped up in that blanket! 

And P.S., this little cutie turned 5 this last week! I can't even believe it! I wish they stayed small forever! 

The next morning while their parents ran some errands, Mads and London stayed home and hung out with Preston and I. I eventually had to leave them with Preston because I had class. They did not want me to do that! London looked at me with her little puppy dog eyes and says, "Can't you call your teacher and tell them that your little girls are in town and you need to play with them??" I wanted to so bad! They just say the cutest things! I can't wait until they come and visit again! :D 

We also got our first snow fall a couple of weeks ago. I thought it meant that we were stuck with winter for the next four or five months. But not so! It has been as warm as 75 degrees here and its NOVEMBER! It's insane but we love it!

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