Saturday, October 5, 2013

Red Rock Relay

It seems to be becoming more of a habit for me to sign up for a race and avoid training for it....I'm slowly but surely learning my lesson.  I think.
Last month I was able to run the Red Rock Relay with some of my co-workers.  Little did I know that I would be running with some pretty incredible runners, like 7 minute mile pace type runners.  Let's just say that when they finish running a mile, it would be another 3-4 minutes before I were to finish that same mile.  Ya with me?  I'm a little slower of a pace to say the least.  And I'm actually fine with that but with this race I was feeling a little bit like the caboose of the team.  The slow poke.  The only person that had to take a break and walk mid-leg (and during said walk, have my teammates drive by and see me walking....).  Yeah, my procrastination bit me in the butt this time.  I've made some new goals in the fitness department, one of which is increasing my stamina, endurance, and speed.
But I digress.  The race was a blast.  I'm a huge advocate of races like this.  I feel like they give you more of an idea of what your body is capable of doing and for me, encourage me to push myself harder.  Ideally that should happen before the race during training time but for me always happens when the race is over. :)  Oh well.  It was a blast to run through such beautiful scenery and get to know the people I work with a little better.

Preston came down for the race to take pictures and be my cheerleader.  And he even added some little members to his team - our nieces, Kiley & Amy. :) 

Clearly enjoying myself.....haha

While I was basically killing myself, Preston was with his brother and sister in law and their cute girls enjoying the scenery. 

28 hours later and we were finished.  Pretty sure those are fake smiles.  I was completely exhausted and unable to move for a day or two (or three).  

On the way home, Preston texted this ^^ picture to me with the caption "Is it dead or alive?".  I was completely out.  This is a more accurate representation of how I really felt.  Would I do it again?  Absolutely. :)

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