Thursday, February 7, 2013

catching up

WARNING: This post is going to consist mostly of pictures (quite a few of them, I might add). I don't have the time or the brain capacity to jot down every little detail from the following events but the pictures alone bring back memories that I have a hard time putting into words.  So bear with me as I unleash my favorite memories from the past couple of months. :)

{^my favorite girls & I at the Nutcracker. Missing little Clairey :)}

{sometimes Utah Valley outdoes itself and gives us a breathtaking sunset like this}

{I finally nailed down a time with my Grandmother and she taught Amber and I how to knit! So far we know how to knit and pearl....and that's about it. But at least we learned from the best!}

{Miss Claire on Christmas Eve. She was soooo excited for Santa to come!}

{my favorite guy :)}


{sissy's in our matching pj's!}

{all the "kiddos" in our new pj's from grams & pops :)}

{The Knowles grandkids in the capes I made them for Christmas.  I also made them for the Bishoff grandkids but don't have a picture of them.  I finally got them down by the 7th one....haha}

{Hubby's Christmas present - Jazz vs. Clippers game}

{my favorite little pup}

{New Year's shopping with my love at the new outlets!}

{Preston & London checking out the baby goats}

{We were so happy to be able to be there for this little guy's baby blessing. He is such a sweetie!}

{These girls adore their little bro, can you tell??}

{love my Papa John}

{loves from my girls}

{3 of the greatest guys I know (they couldn't peel their eyes away from the Super Bowl :)}

{Me & Grandmother}

{also couldn't get him to peel his eyes off of the Super Bowl for a quick pic.  Still love him though :)}

Thanks for putting up with all of these pictures! Congrats if you made it all the way through!! :) Thanks for humoring me! :)

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