Friday, November 2, 2012


This was a halloween that went down in history for the Bishoff's....we FINALLY dressed up! 

Every year since we have been married I have wanted to dress up but every year we haven't had a good enough excuse to do it. 
Well, this year (thanks to our bro & sis-in-law) we had an excuse! 
We were crunched on time as far as coming up with a costume goes so we decided to be super traditional and go as MUMMIES!  

The costumes only lasted about half way through the party but I definitely have to say getting ready was the most fun part. (it's not every day you get to do your husband's makeup:))

So here you have it: 
The Mummies and.....the lady bug (random, yes. but we couldn't not dress her up!) 

This was such a quick and easy and CHEAP costume! We bought plain white fabric at walmart, tore it to shreds and wrapped ourselves up. 

If I had more time I would have made it look more old and tattered but I think it turned out pretty good for being last minute! Not to mention, my goal of dressing up as a couple on halloween finally happened!! :)

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