Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Birthday

Another year has gone by and I find myself wondering how I ever got to be 22 years old. I remember when I was younger feeling so sad each time the day of my birthday ended because it seemed like an eternity to have to wait a whole more year before we could celebrate it again. But now they come and go like nothin'! I swear, the older you get, the quicker the years go. Makes me sad to think how fast they will be flying by in another 22 years from now!

This birthday was a special one though. It was my first one as a married woman! woo woo! And my cute hubby did an excellent job making it all sorts of special for me.

                Dress: Gift from Emily, Downeast Outfitters. Lens: Gift from the hubby!! :D Card of my favorite flower: mis padres. :)
We woke up extra early just so we could spend time together before he had to go into work. I ripped open some gifts that my awesome parents and younger sister had sent me, ate a delectable breakfast of my choice (pancakes) made by the hubs, and then headed off to a park I have been dying to go to.

Freedom Park

Preston shootin' the breeze with someone, as usual. He is always taking advantage of any opportunity to practice his spanish. :)

I was mostly just dying to go to the beautiful little neighborhood that the park was located in. Its in an area of Charlotte called "Dilworth" and the park is called Freedom Park. The neighborhoods over there are the cutest! Seriously. They are the ones that you drive down and imagine to yourself what it would feel like to actually live there. Super cute!

 Sportin' my new outfit from my momma! 

We took a stroll around the park (sounds so sophisticated to say it like that), and then  stopped into the cutest frozen yogurt shop called Menchies.

 Cookies & Cream Yogurt + Cookie Dough Bits = pure awesomeness. 

I am obsessed with frozen yogurt and luckily there are so many different places to get it that I never have to go too far to find it. haha. I'm not sure if it is the yummy yogurt I like most or the cute atmosphere of the place. Either way it makes me happy! :D After that we had to go back to being "grown-ups" and go to work for the rest of the day. Luckily though, Preston got to get off work early and we went to downtown Charlotte to find a cute little burger joint. I love burgers so I am always on the lookout to find a bigger and better burger. After that we headed back to our apartment complex to have cake and ice cream.

 My favorite flowers sent to me from my family. Thanks guys!! That was such a nice little surprise! 

One of my cute friends, Haley, offered to make me a cake. So sweet! We had cake and ice cream with everyone in the office and it really was a blast! Thank you to everyone who made my day so special!!!


  1. You have quite the photographer talent! What kind of lens did you get?? I get a little jealous reading your blog..you guys have so much fun together! :) That yogurt place looks YUMM-O!!

  2. It looks like you were spoiled! I love the outfit and the lens! Congrats on the big22! Happy Birthday!



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