Friday, March 11, 2011

I am the master

My dear husband has a bit of a problem. He loses his keys. And not just a little bit either. More often than not! haha But luckily he has me: The Master Key-Finder. And it's so cute because he always has that guilty sound in his voice whenever he finally has to admit to me, "I have no idea where my keys are. Have you seen them anywhere?" And even if I haven't seen them, I am always the one to find them. It gives me just a little bit of satisfaction every time I find them and he doesn't. hehe
Well today was another one of those days where he had to admit "guess what? I lost my keys." And guess what?? I found them. That is what marriage is all about people! Being each other's strength when the other one is weak! And usually, he is the strong one in most situations so I take just a little bit of pride in knowing that I will be the one to always find his keys for him. Silly boy.

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